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Boutique: E. Tittlemouse & Co.

E. Tittlemouse & Co.

The recent migration of new residents flocking to Jersey City has brought lots of interesting developments to the city. Often dubbed “the 6th borough”, my hometown is steadily coming out of its shadow of the NYC limelight. Among these sprouting local establishments is E. Tittlemouse & Co. and it has easily become one of my new favorite boutiques offering up thrifted designer pieces, carefully curated by Napoleon, the dapperest nice guy you’ll ever meet.

E. Tittlemouse & Co. 2

Love the jean selection display.


Fell in love with these boots!


Jewelry by local designers, like Sewbie’s very own NUDA!

Chiefvintage housewares

Visit our friends over at E. Tittlemouse & Co. and tell ’em Sewbie said hi!

246 Bay St. Jersey City, NJ 07302


Calling all indie designers and vintagers!

Sell Sewbie

Sewbie.com is looking for some freshness to add to the site. If you’re an independent fashion designer or vintage curator, we’d love to see your collection. Hit us up at info@sewbie.com.

Obsession: Lisa Frank

This fixation of all things old school are coming at me full force these past couple months. So bear with me. As a kid, I was so head over the heels in love with stickers and Lisa Frank was like the Holy Grail of stickerdom. I know I’m late on this since Urban Outfitters jumped on the resale of Lisa Frank last summer but I can’t help but feel colorful butterflies knowing this childhood joy is a source of inspiration for plenty of looks out right now – from bright hues to bold graphics to rainbow cheetah print to food and cat icons. I mean, if you were a kid during the 80’s and 90’s, how could you NOT be inspired by the outrageously fun stationary supplies? I give it up to you Ms. Lisa Frank, you were ahead of the game over 20 years ago.

Lisa Frank fashionurl-6Lisa Frank foodLisa Frank eye makeupTupac_and_Lisa_FrankLisa FrankLisa Frank jacketLisa Frank nails6672850258Lisa Frank Tiger ShirtLisa Frank foodLisa Frank sweatshirt

Flashback Friday: Suede. Red. Fringe.

Sure – summer is practically right around the corner but when a jacket is awesome, it’s awesome no matter what the season, right? Right. Sewbie.com vintager Alex & Afton recently listed this vintage gem. It’s red. It’s suede. It has fringe. Where would we wear it? No clue but we’d probably wear it with a tight black dress similar to the one here and some equally bold gold jewelry.

Fringe JacketVintage Fringe Jacket


Shop here.

The Meadowlands Flea Market

It was a scorching 88 degrees in Jersey on Saturday and despite the heat I had a sudden hankering to go to a flea market. I’m on this mission to find vintage necklaces that I can take apart to make a whole “new” piece (more on that later). While I didn’t find any necklaces for my project, I did snag a vintage ring for $1.00 and got to see a few cool things that took me back. Waaaay back.

Vintage Vanityvintage jewelryphoto (17)vintage barbiesphoto (18)viewer-4photo (20)