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Flea Market: Hells Kitchen

Superior OOTD Boxed water is better Card Catalog Ornate Mirror

This past Sunday I stopped by the Hells Kitchen Flea Market during a little Sunday Funday in the city. Unfortunately, due to what I’m assuming is the seasonal lull, there was much left to be desired. It’s just too cold for most vendors to be out there so it’s probably best to check it out during the summer. There’s a bunch more pics I’ve got in store from the day but more on that later. In the meantime, there are always interesting things to take pictures of at a flea market. I think it’s often the coolest backdrop being surrounded by the quirky, random, and antique.


Destination Flea: Aloha Stadium Swap Meet

A must-have when traveling is to hit up the local flea market of whatever city/town I’m in. Imagine my delight when I learned of the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. It turned out to be more of a tourist haven for souvenirs than an indie or vintage hotspot, but it was fun regardless. Not to mention, I found some gems for quite the bargain. Floral everything, fresh coconut juice, and watching tikis being carved were the highlights of this flea market trip.

P.S. Snuck in a couple of shots from the luau we went to. Just because.

One of the few signage at the swap meet was on this garbage can. It was quite charming. I like the font.

Aloha Stadium Swap Meet

I had been looking all over for fresh coconut juice straight out the coconut and I finally found it here!

Aloha Stadium Swap Meet



This was such a pretty piece in person.

flea market

Printed leggings.

floral leggings

Fresh fruit.

fresh fruit Hawaii print Hawaii stickers leiscarvesshellstiki carvingtiki

Luau adornments.

luau accessories

With my best friend and the groom!

Paradise Cove luau

On the way to the airport – fitting in one last Hawaiian treat! (while my legs blend in with the scenery)

sunset leggings

Aloha! I miss you already Hawaii.

The Meadowlands Flea Market

It was a scorching 88 degrees in Jersey on Saturday and despite the heat I had a sudden hankering to go to a flea market. I’m on this mission to find vintage necklaces that I can take apart to make a whole “new” piece (more on that later). While I didn’t find any necklaces for my project, I did snag a vintage ring for $1.00 and got to see a few cool things that took me back. Waaaay back.

Vintage Vanityvintage jewelryphoto (17)vintage barbiesphoto (18)viewer-4photo (20)

Destination: Flea Market

As we’re getting closer and closer to launching Sewbie.com‘s beta version, I’m constantly on the lookout for emerging indie designers and vintage sellers to apart of our vendor community. One of my favorite places to scout is a flea market, especially in the summertime. They’re usually packed with awesome vintage finds and handmade jewelry and some of the nicest people selling them. And aside from fashion-related stuff, I always feel like I’ll get lucky and find something crazy like an original copy of the Emancipation Proclamation hand-written by Abe Lincoln himself stuck underneath the drawer of an antique armoire. Yeah, I’m a bit of an Antiques Roadshow junkie, so much that I was watching it at the gym the other day. T’was a nice, soothing compliment to my struggling on the dreadmill treadmill. Anyway, I’m planning on doing some flea market scouting in the next couple weeks. Brooklyn Flea, Meadowlands Flea Market, and some smaller ones in Manhattan are on my list. Please pass on some other flea market recommendations – doesn’t have to be local to NY/NJ…whenever I travel I always try to hit one up on my trip. It’d be great to compile a list from all over the country. Below are some pix from the Melrose trading post in LA from last year. I scored some necklaces and the bf copped himself a varsity jacket.

I love small vintage boxes to put jewelry and trinkets in.

This vintage dealer's boot game was SERIOUS.

Hoping our sewbie sellers will have boots as cute as these!

These were letters from some kind of printing press. Loved the worn look they had but didn't have a project in mind for em so I didn't buy : (

You'll always find weird stuff at flea markets. Like this doll that was creepily staring at me.

Me digging for gold.

Looking at these pics again, I’m reminded how pretty images at flea markets can be because all the vintage goods sure make amazing subjects and backdrops. They just don’t make stuff like they used to. Again, feel free to pass on some of your favorite flea markets for my destination list and share stories about your fab flea market finds!