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Happy New Year!


Two months ago Neil (Sewbie other half) told me to peruse Startup Vitamins and pick one out that resonated. We both agreed on the above print for the office (his garage) even though I was indecisive. And in true “things are clearer in hindsight” fashion, it was the right choice. I’m sitting here reflecting on the past year and goddamn it, it was filled with constant reminders that things fall apart. Reality checks can disguise themselves as accomplishments. Loved ones can fall terminally ill. Jobs can be lost. Life is painfully short, so it doesn’t make sense to spend precious time doing something you don’t love.

Sewbie is what Neil and I love. He’s always yelling at me for worrying about things too much. Slowly but surely I’m realizing nothing will ever be perfect. And finally I’m at the point where that’s okay. Progression comes from making mistakes and enduring failures.

My 2014 resolution: Move fast and break shit. Let it be known – I don’t make resolutions. They never hold up. But 2013 was chock-full of signs. Let it be known – I don’t believe in signs. Sometimes, things happen just to happen. And yet here I am, eager to break things. Let it be known – I’m a super cautious worrywart. The horrible scenarios I conjure up in my head are downright ridiculous.

The other day I was watching Bizarre Foods (current addiction) and at the very end, Andrew Zimmern says “If you get the chance to do something you’ve always wanted to do, do it. Worry about the bumps and bruises later.” I swear it’s a sign. A bright, neon blinking sign that says “DO IT NOW HAZEL! NOW IS THE F*CKING TIME!” I know, I know – I don’t believe in signs. But I guess if I’m going to start breaking things, my own limitations and assumptions are a good place to start.

Happy new year from Sewbie. We welcome you to break shit with us.


Journal Fetish

Blank books, journals, sketchbooks, notebooks, whatever you want to call them… I want them. ALL. It’s a little bit of an obsession really. I swear it started in the 5th grade when the teacher announced we’d be making our own books. We each started out with a clean, blank book and we could put whatever our hearts desired in it. Some wrote stories. Others drew pictures. And for some reason, I couldn’t figure out what the hell I wanted to put in my book. But I was as excited as ever, despite sitting there staring at empty pages for hours. It didn’t occur to me then but now I realize the reason why I love journals so much is because they’re clean slates waiting for beautiful things to happen. I get giddy at the thought of its endless possibilities and the potential great ideas it will house. There’s a whole row on my bookcase of blank books that can attest to this.

My Sewbie business partner, Neil, put me up on the Moleskine book for Evernote after he yelled at me for not using Evernote often enough and I explained that I preferred writing my notes in an actual, physical book. Ta-da! The answer? The Evernote Smart Notebook. It satisfies my journal obsession and his techie tendencies. Proof that both sides of the brain can work together in harmony.

Positivity File

It just happened to be a particularly shitty day when I came across an article that stressed the importance of entrepreneurs keeping a “positivity file”. Intrigued, I continued to read all about how budding business owners should keep tabs of all things positive – milestones successfully reached, recollections of good days, praise from family/friends/colleagues, heartwarming testimonials, etc. – basically, anything that made you feel good, like you were finally doing something right.  And that we need to keep a file of all these happy thoughts, a literal file, whether it be electronic sitting on your desktop for easy access or an actual printed out, color-coded, labeled, letter-sized tabbed folder.

Let’s get real here. Starting a business is not easy. In some weird way it actually mimics life. It’s exciting but scary at the same time. To be fruitful, you’ve got to take risks. There are days where you feel like you’re on top of world. There are other days when you feel like crap. You find out who really is loyal and supportive. Just when you thought you’ve figured something out, you still don’t know shit. You’re constantly learning. You question yourself. You discover what you’re capable of. But most notably, you KEEP ON GOING.

We have amazing supporters. We see you. And we are thankful. So please know that the emails, notes, comments, wall posts, texts, and actual conversations go beyond kind words. They’re permanent channels of encouragement that are revisited again and again and again, virtually on my laptop, physically in my file cabinet, and mentally in my brain. Because I might not remember what I did last weekend, but I never forget the support which reminds me that much like life, we have to just…keep…going.

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