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Boutique: E. Tittlemouse & Co.

E. Tittlemouse & Co.

The recent migration of new residents flocking to Jersey City has brought lots of interesting developments to the city. Often dubbed “the 6th borough”, my hometown is steadily coming out of its shadow of the NYC limelight. Among these sprouting local establishments is E. Tittlemouse & Co. and it has easily become one of my new favorite boutiques offering up thrifted designer pieces, carefully curated by Napoleon, the dapperest nice guy you’ll ever meet.

E. Tittlemouse & Co. 2

Love the jean selection display.


Fell in love with these boots!


Jewelry by local designers, like Sewbie’s very own NUDA!

Chiefvintage housewares

Visit our friends over at E. Tittlemouse & Co. and tell ’em Sewbie said hi!

246 Bay St. Jersey City, NJ 07302


Tough Sugar

I love unexpected pairings. You know – cat and dog BFFs, sweats and heels, chocolate with bacon…and now rugged prints in a dainty bow.

Digi Camo Clo BowBandana Rockabilly Clo Bow

Brought to you by Clo Hair Bows.

Downtown, natch!

A few things probably come to mind when one thinks of Jersey City street style, but it’s becoming increasingly hard to pinpoint in such a densely populated, diverse city. Out-of-towners (heck, even some people who live here) might not know this, but Jersey City is actually closer to Manhattan than a couple of NYC’s actual boroughs. It’s no wonder that the big city’s fashion influence spills over to the neighboring state. NOT all of New Jersey is “Jersey Shore” — let’s get that straight.

Street style blog,, scours downtown JC in search of the city’s stylish. Before actually meeting Marinell – the photographer/blogger behind Downtown, natch! (not to mention graphic design & social media extraordinaire) – I read an interview with her where she said that she doesn’t seek to shoot trends and labels, but rather, uniqueness and creativity. This is how I knew we’d get along wonderfully. Not only does she have a great eye, but her attention to detail is second to none. There’s a lot coming up for Downtown, natch! Even a possible Downtown, natch! x Sewbie collabo. Stay tuned.

Here’s a taste of the blog. Click on the pictures to be directed to the original posts, natch.

Closet Freaks, Dustin & Anthony, of



Leroy Jenkins LTD.



I always feel like a dumbass when someone is taking my picture. So I end up fiddling around, like look for my pockets, for example.

If you happen to be strolling the PAD in JC, be on the lookout for Marinell & her camera. She’s a sweetheart so don’t be afraid to say hello! Check out more here: is LIVE!

Yes. FINALLY. is a retail collection of independent design and vintage fashion. It’s kind of like walking into an off-the-beaten path boutique, your favorite vintage shop, and a really kick ass flea market, except we bring it to you all-in-one, all online.

During a trip to the flea market, I met a jewelry designer who created necklaces fashioned after old pictures of her mother’s outfits from the 60’s era. I walked away from her table with not only a cool piece of jewelry, but also peace of mind that came from supporting someone’s art. It was then that we realized real people with real stories are the most inspiring. These are the masterminds behind the collections made, designed, and/or curated on

We’re starting out with a handful of passionate designers and vintagers who are adding amazing goods daily. Additional sellers are coming on board very soon and our search for more sellers is constant, so keep a lookout for us and if you or anyone you know is interested in growing your fashion brand email us at

Our site is currently in beta, which means the site is still in development and testing but it is fully functional. Features are being worked on and new ones will be added. Feel free to let us know of any changes you’d like to see on the site. Email us at to share your thoughts.

Our last blog post was in February and there hasn’t been another post til today. That was intentional. It pretty much got to the point where we were tired of talking about it and so we set out to be about it. Welcome to