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Happy New Year!


Two months ago Neil (Sewbie other half) told me to peruse Startup Vitamins and pick one out that resonated. We both agreed on the above print for the office (his garage) even though I was indecisive. And in true “things are clearer in hindsight” fashion, it was the right choice. I’m sitting here reflecting on the past year and goddamn it, it was filled with constant reminders that things fall apart. Reality checks can disguise themselves as accomplishments. Loved ones can fall terminally ill. Jobs can be lost. Life is painfully short, so it doesn’t make sense to spend precious time doing something you don’t love.

Sewbie is what Neil and I love. He’s always yelling at me for worrying about things too much. Slowly but surely I’m realizing nothing will ever be perfect. And finally I’m at the point where that’s okay. Progression comes from making mistakes and enduring failures.

My 2014 resolution: Move fast and break shit. Let it be known – I don’t make resolutions. They never hold up. But 2013 was chock-full of signs. Let it be known – I don’t believe in signs. Sometimes, things happen just to happen. And yet here I am, eager to break things. Let it be known – I’m a super cautious worrywart. The horrible scenarios I conjure up in my head are downright ridiculous.

The other day I was watching Bizarre Foods (current addiction) and at the very end, Andrew Zimmern says “If you get the chance to do something you’ve always wanted to do, do it. Worry about the bumps and bruises later.” I swear it’s a sign. A bright, neon blinking sign that says “DO IT NOW HAZEL! NOW IS THE F*CKING TIME!” I know, I know – I don’t believe in signs. But I guess if I’m going to start breaking things, my own limitations and assumptions are a good place to start.

Happy new year from Sewbie. We welcome you to break shit with us.


Calling all indie designers and vintagers!

Sell Sewbie is looking for some freshness to add to the site. If you’re an independent fashion designer or vintage curator, we’d love to see your collection. Hit us up at

Inside Out Project: NYC

About a week and a half ago, I participated in the Inside Out Project in NYC. The Inside Out Project is a global participatory art project that was started by French artist JR. Everywhere from Ecuador to Japan, participants are given the opportunity to get their portrait taken and have it posted in a public space – in our case, right smack dab in the middle of the streets of Times Square.

Inside Out Project NYC

Here’s the truck with the photo booth in the back. This was taken early morning before they opened up so you don’t get a sense of the 2 hour line that was typically there.


The whole idea behind the project is to allow people to share their stories and display personal identity as a work of art. Such a beautiful and powerful sentiment, I was so excited to be apart of it. Thanks to Chloe for inviting me to come with! It was fascinating to see the different ways New Yorkers expressed themselves.


So what did I do? I decided to take advantage of the fact this was in Times Square – advertising capital of the world – and market the one thing that has identified me as of late, something I truly believe in and its message.


Sewbie x Clo Hair Bows Part 2

clo hair bows

Part 2 because you can see Part 1 from my creative counterpart’s post (the force behind Clo Hair Bows): Sewbie x Clo Hair Bows.

We spent our Saturday afternoon working for each other – her on Sewbie’s redesign and me on her product descriptions. It’s pretty awesome having a friendship and professional relationship where you both inspire one another to do better.

Must-Have Monday: Carolina Benoit Rope Blouse

With summer around the corner, stocking up early on easy, breezy staples in crisp white is a must. Nothing is more effortlessly elegant than classic white on sunny days. This week’s favorite is Carolina Benoit’s Rope Blouse. It can be tied two different ways to either get a higher or lower neckline or even layered on top of another piece. I personally love a good plunging v-neck with some high-waisted shorts/jeans.

plunging neck blouseplunging neck blouseplunging neck blouse

Available on sewbie.comhere.