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I’ve been going back and forth in my brain about getting a new tattoo but the where and what prevents me from actually doing it. I just don’t know what I can stand long enough to have it on my body forever. Then I stumbled upon this, and I absolutely love it. It’s like an airbrushed colorful soft wisp…like someone took a box of rainbow chalk dust and blew it on this girl’s back. I’m just not sure if it would like this on me. Instead of beautifully colored dust a fairy would leave behind, it’d probably look like my nephew drew all over me with non-washable sharpies. Whatever. I’m getting it.


via Designspiration


Positivity File

It just happened to be a particularly shitty day when I came across an article that stressed the importance of entrepreneurs keeping a “positivity file”. Intrigued, I continued to read all about how budding business owners should keep tabs of all things positive – milestones successfully reached, recollections of good days, praise from family/friends/colleagues, heartwarming testimonials, etc. – basically, anything that made you feel good, like you were finally doing something right.  And that we need to keep a file of all these happy thoughts, a literal file, whether it be electronic sitting on your desktop for easy access or an actual printed out, color-coded, labeled, letter-sized tabbed folder.

Let’s get real here. Starting a business is not easy. In some weird way it actually mimics life. It’s exciting but scary at the same time. To be fruitful, you’ve got to take risks. There are days where you feel like you’re on top of world. There are other days when you feel like crap. You find out who really is loyal and supportive. Just when you thought you’ve figured something out, you still don’t know shit. You’re constantly learning. You question yourself. You discover what you’re capable of. But most notably, you KEEP ON GOING.

We have amazing supporters. We see you. And we are thankful. So please know that the emails, notes, comments, wall posts, texts, and actual conversations go beyond kind words. They’re permanent channels of encouragement that are revisited again and again and again, virtually on my laptop, physically in my file cabinet, and mentally in my brain. Because I might not remember what I did last weekend, but I never forget the support which reminds me that much like life, we have to just…keep…going.

Inspiration: Carolina Benoit’s sketches designer Carolina Benoit posted this photo on Instagram the other day and it was instant love. Quite some time ago, I admired fashion illustration from afar and this brought back that deep appreciation for it. It underscores the art and beauty behind the facade of fashion that is superficial and one dimensional. As you can see, we’re extremely happy to have Carolina on board. I kinda wanted to keep her all to myself but she’s just too talented to not share. You’ll be hearing lots more about her soon! Promise.

Carolina Benoit

‘Tis the Season

Now that Thanksgiving is over I’ve been trying to get myself in the spirit of Christmas. I mean, it’s only my most favorite-est holiday EVER!!! When I was young, I’d help my mom wrap gifts all night. I’d spend hours trying to perfect the tree. I’d sing Christmas songs at the top of my lungs. I’d even cry as I watched Frosty the Snowman melt away. Now that I’m older I find it a tad harder to get myself jazzed for the season so I’ve started to compile some things to help bring out that youthful, whimsical feeling once again, a holiday inspiration board if you will. Because with all the stress bringing me down, there’s nothing like some holiday cheer to bring me back up. In some weird magical way, it’s saving my life right now.

Upcycled: Card Catalogs

I grew up with a love affair for books and going to the library where hunting via Dewey Decimal System was part of the discovery process. The above picture was taken a few months ago at a little vintage shop during a trip to Richmond, VA.     It never fails, every time I see a card catalog, a cozy, comforting trip down memory lane is inevitable. Now that these are obsolete, all I want to do is preserve the nostalgic beauty this piece of furniture brings. While I currently don’t have the space for one, I’m still obsessed with finding the perfect card catalog for…           my jewelry. Yup. I’ve got big plans to upcycle one of these joints and make it a multi-drawer wonderland of adornments. I want to organize the hell out of my rings, go crazy coordinating bracelets by style, and get happy hanging necklaces on ornate knobs.

Apparently, I’m not the only one in love with the unique style a card catalog can bring to a home. Check out these clever uses and get inspired.

Bar (via Apartment Therapy)

Card Catalog Bar

Credenza (via Oakland Avenue)

Coffee Table (via Repurposed Vintage Finds)

Everything Cabinet (via Small Notebook)

Art Supply Organizer (via Astroluc)

Kitchen Island (via Home Jelly)

Tie Storage (via Speak’s Letter Press)

Desk (via Design Sponge)

Botanical Display Table (via Apartment Therapy)

Shelving (via Apartment Therapy)

Do you have any other ideas for repurposing a card catalog? Feel free to share. And let me know if you’ve spotted any amazing ones…the treasure hunt continues!