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Flea Market: Hells Kitchen

Superior OOTD Boxed water is better Card Catalog Ornate Mirror

This past Sunday I stopped by the Hells Kitchen Flea Market during a little Sunday Funday in the city. Unfortunately, due to what I’m assuming is the seasonal lull, there was much left to be desired. It’s just too cold for most vendors to be out there so it’s probably best to check it out during the summer. There’s a bunch more pics I’ve got in store from the day but more on that later. In the meantime, there are always interesting things to take pictures of at a flea market. I think it’s often the coolest backdrop being surrounded by the quirky, random, and antique.


The Meadowlands Flea Market

It was a scorching 88 degrees in Jersey on Saturday and despite the heat I had a sudden hankering to go to a flea market. I’m on this mission to find vintage necklaces that I can take apart to make a whole “new” piece (more on that later). While I didn’t find any necklaces for my project, I did snag a vintage ring for $1.00 and got to see a few cool things that took me back. Waaaay back.

Vintage Vanityvintage jewelryphoto (17)vintage barbiesphoto (18)viewer-4photo (20)

A Vintage Wonderland

vintage closet

Every now and then I like to imagine what my dream walk-in closet would look like. More often than not, it contains a vision that mixes modern functionality with vintage aesthetic. Here’s the first of many images I’ll be collecting for my closet inspiration board.

via Adored Vintage.

Side Dish

Currently obsessed with using dishes – plates, bowls, teacups – to stash and elegantly display jewelry. I wrote this post about using a card catalog for other organizational purposes and this new obsession is kind of in the same realm of upcycling. It’s kind of nice to give a new life to something beloved like a vintage heirloom plate passed down from your grandmother. I swear my future home will be filled with beautiful pieces that are multi-functional. Some inspiration:

Gold & Black DishJewelry dishcups-saucer_2jewels_tea_pollywreford1 6a0167600d17d7970b0167671c43e4970b-800wi 8073924971_91ca06bb69_zCloset4jewelry-tray

via Sweet and Sassy/She is Red/Paige Smith Designs/Sarah Kaye Representation/a pair and a spare/paper crowns/Live Creating Yourself/LadyWe/

And my own take on it – snagged this half dipped plate in the sale section of Anthropologie and immediately adorned it with my favorite jewelry from you guessed it… I love the contrast of edgy metals on the backdrop of dainty pretty. Jewelry by Hello Again Vintage, Nuda, and Sewsephine.

vintage jewelry plate dish

Upcycled: Card Catalogs

I grew up with a love affair for books and going to the library where hunting via Dewey Decimal System was part of the discovery process. The above picture was taken a few months ago at a little vintage shop during a trip to Richmond, VA.     It never fails, every time I see a card catalog, a cozy, comforting trip down memory lane is inevitable. Now that these are obsolete, all I want to do is preserve the nostalgic beauty this piece of furniture brings. While I currently don’t have the space for one, I’m still obsessed with finding the perfect card catalog for…           my jewelry. Yup. I’ve got big plans to upcycle one of these joints and make it a multi-drawer wonderland of adornments. I want to organize the hell out of my rings, go crazy coordinating bracelets by style, and get happy hanging necklaces on ornate knobs.

Apparently, I’m not the only one in love with the unique style a card catalog can bring to a home. Check out these clever uses and get inspired.

Bar (via Apartment Therapy)

Card Catalog Bar

Credenza (via Oakland Avenue)

Coffee Table (via Repurposed Vintage Finds)

Everything Cabinet (via Small Notebook)

Art Supply Organizer (via Astroluc)

Kitchen Island (via Home Jelly)

Tie Storage (via Speak’s Letter Press)

Desk (via Design Sponge)

Botanical Display Table (via Apartment Therapy)

Shelving (via Apartment Therapy)

Do you have any other ideas for repurposing a card catalog? Feel free to share. And let me know if you’ve spotted any amazing ones…the treasure hunt continues!