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Restocked: Chicken & Rice tee

I wrote about the Recipe tee that pays homage to the infamous Halal Chicken & Rice street meat back in August – here. It was so popular that it ran out of sizes fast and so we’re happy to report that they’re back in stock WITH another colorway: Concrete (heather gray).

And my favorite part:  The price is $19.93 – A tribute to the year albums Midnight Marauders by A Tribe Called Quest and Wu Tang’s 36 Chambers were released. Sigh. And for that alone, we love these guys. Get yours here.


Designer: Recipe – Chicken & Rice Tee

While we’re on the subject of food…if you’re in the Tri-State area and got shitfaced this past weekend, any other weekend, or even completely sober, you’re probably aware of the food phenomenon known as chicken and rice, a.k.a. 53rd and 6th, a.k.a. Halal, a.k.a. platters. Come on now, only a dish with a large cult following could have so many names.

To quote our friends over at Recipe, “Customers can be seen in lines stretching along 53rd Street almost the entire length of the block from the late afternoon until the early morning. The “platters” consist of a choice of meat, either chicken, lamb or a combination, rice, pita, lettuce, white sauce and hot sauce.” And while it’s popularly known as drunk eats, there are instances where people I know have gotten it for lunch or dinner…all 69487694 calories of it. True story: one friend, who shall go unnamed, clumsily dropped his untouched takeout container, watched in slow motion as the whole dish fell face down, saw the pile of Halal goodness on the bare concrete, and actually contemplated eating the top layer that did not touch the ground. Yes, it’s that serious. So serious, in fact, that Recipe made a shirt dedicated to the food phenom. Here’s our friend (the one who shall go unnamed) rocking the shirt, quite ironically, with a beer in hand.

The shirt is available on

To get a firsthand account from a cult follower, read this from funny blog, Crowd Theories, where we got the below picture from:

Now go get yourself a shirt, a platter, and some Prevacid.