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Sewbie x Clo Hair Bows Part 2

clo hair bows

Part 2 because you can see Part 1 from my creative counterpart’s post (the force behind Clo Hair Bows): Sewbie x Clo Hair Bows.

We spent our Saturday afternoon working for each other – her on Sewbie’s redesign and me on her product descriptions. It’s pretty awesome having a friendship and professional relationship where you both inspire one another to do better.


Journal Fetish

Blank books, journals, sketchbooks, notebooks, whatever you want to call them… I want them. ALL. It’s a little bit of an obsession really. I swear it started in the 5th grade when the teacher announced we’d be making our own books. We each started out with a clean, blank book and we could put whatever our hearts desired in it. Some wrote stories. Others drew pictures. And for some reason, I couldn’t figure out what the hell I wanted to put in my book. But I was as excited as ever, despite sitting there staring at empty pages for hours. It didn’t occur to me then but now I realize the reason why I love journals so much is because they’re clean slates waiting for beautiful things to happen. I get giddy at the thought of its endless possibilities and the potential great ideas it will house. There’s a whole row on my bookcase of blank books that can attest to this.

My Sewbie business partner, Neil, put me up on the Moleskine book for Evernote after he yelled at me for not using Evernote often enough and I explained that I preferred writing my notes in an actual, physical book. Ta-da! The answer? The Evernote Smart Notebook. It satisfies my journal obsession and his techie tendencies. Proof that both sides of the brain can work together in harmony.

Take Notes

One of the main things on my 2013 to-do list is to TAKE MORE NOTES. Ideas and thoughts pop up out of nowhere at almost all hours of the day and often times become lost in the wind because I didn’t take 2 seconds to jot ’em down. Well, good riddance to that. Because I’m equipped now more than ever. The following is what my note taking weaponry looks like at the moment.


1. Journals. Moleskines, ruled, unruled, graph paper, sketchbooks, small, large. I can’t get enough of them. There are stacks upon stacks of unused blank journals in my bookcase just waiting for me to grace the pages. I have so many that it’s borderline sickness really. Keeping a physical journal may be old school by today’s standards, but there is nothing like actually putting pen to paper and seeing your thoughts in your own handwriting.

2. Custom Stamp. I had a custom stamp made for my friend Chloe when she started Clo Hair Bows. Shortly after I wondered why the hell I didn’t have one made for my own company. The thing is awesome. stamps on everything and everywhere! I order mine from Casey Rubber Stamps in NYC. They’re fast, reliable, and make beautiful stamps.

3. Calendar Planner. Again, old school. I’ve got access to iCalendar and Google Calendar but I still find myself aching to write shit down and cross shit out. The red one above is from Muji and is perfect because it has a monthly view and weekly view with a blank page next to each week – perfect for a to-do lists.

4. Evernote for iPad. Okay, I’m so not completely analog. My business partner and I like to share our documents and notes with one another on the Evernote app. With the ability to share and co-edit notebooks, links, sketches, etc. it’s genius and incredibly convenient.

5. Decorative Tape. Totally girly but so necessary. It adds a fun factor to cutting stuff out and pasting it your journal. I bought mine in the Philippines for crazy cheap at a flea market, but has some that I think I need.

6. Note Cards & Envelopes. Because there’s nothing like getting a handwritten note in the mail. I found these in kraft paper at Muji – perfect for Sewbie thank you’s.

7. Colored Pencils. Drawing is one of my favorite things to do. Colored pencils add some life to sketches.

8. Good Pens. You can never have too many good pens. I’m a fine point kinda girl but as long as you’re comfy with what you’re writing with, it doesn’t really matter…as long as it doesn’t smudge!

What do you use to take notes? I’m always looking for new and creative ways to stow ideas so please share!

Positivity File

It just happened to be a particularly shitty day when I came across an article that stressed the importance of entrepreneurs keeping a “positivity file”. Intrigued, I continued to read all about how budding business owners should keep tabs of all things positive – milestones successfully reached, recollections of good days, praise from family/friends/colleagues, heartwarming testimonials, etc. – basically, anything that made you feel good, like you were finally doing something right.  And that we need to keep a file of all these happy thoughts, a literal file, whether it be electronic sitting on your desktop for easy access or an actual printed out, color-coded, labeled, letter-sized tabbed folder.

Let’s get real here. Starting a business is not easy. In some weird way it actually mimics life. It’s exciting but scary at the same time. To be fruitful, you’ve got to take risks. There are days where you feel like you’re on top of world. There are other days when you feel like crap. You find out who really is loyal and supportive. Just when you thought you’ve figured something out, you still don’t know shit. You’re constantly learning. You question yourself. You discover what you’re capable of. But most notably, you KEEP ON GOING.

We have amazing supporters. We see you. And we are thankful. So please know that the emails, notes, comments, wall posts, texts, and actual conversations go beyond kind words. They’re permanent channels of encouragement that are revisited again and again and again, virtually on my laptop, physically in my file cabinet, and mentally in my brain. Because I might not remember what I did last weekend, but I never forget the support which reminds me that much like life, we have to just…keep…going.

Small Biz Saturday

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and a main source of job creation. Not to mention, pure passion and dedication fuel the hard workers behind these ventures. Here at Sewbie, we are honored to not only be a small business, but also be a platform in which other businesses are meant to thrive. There’s just something about small businesses helping each other that is sincerely beautiful and truly makes this entrepreneurial journey worthwhile.