Sewbie is an online platform dedicated to independent design and vintage fashion.

Sewbie is like walking into an off-the-beaten path boutique, your favorite vintage shop, and a really kick-ass flea market — except we bring it to you all-in-one, all online.

During a trip to the flea market, Hazel met a jewelry designer who created necklaces fashioned after old pictures of her mother’s outfits from the 1960’s. It was then that we realized real people with real stories are the most inpsiring. These are the masterminds behind the collections made, designed, and curated on Sewbie.com.

As a customer, let us provide you with a shopping experience that is convenient, secure, and fast so that you could spend time finding that key piece that is truly one-of-a-kind.

As a seller, we’re here to give you the best platform and community for your goods and help you grow. We get it. And we’re here in the trenches with you.

About Sewbie’s Co-Founders

Neil is the techie. When he’s not writing code, you can catch him play fighting Brazilian Jit Jitsu in his garage (aka our office) or whipping up unexpected confections like candied wasabi. Most likely, he’s spending time with his family, proudly wearing his St. Peter’s Prep Snuggie.

Hazel is the creative. When she’s not on the hunt for fresh talent, you can catch her drawing, channeling her inner Martha Stewart, or jet-setting with her beau, while taking flicks of random things. Most likely, she’s hanging out with her nephews, cheering on the New York Knicks.

Both share a love for good food, humor that’s almost unacceptable, and, most of all, creating Sewbie.