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Boutique: E. Tittlemouse & Co.

E. Tittlemouse & Co.

The recent migration of new residents flocking to Jersey City has brought lots of interesting developments to the city. Often dubbed “the 6th borough”, my hometown is steadily coming out of its shadow of the NYC limelight. Among these sprouting local establishments is E. Tittlemouse & Co. and it has easily become one of my new favorite boutiques offering up thrifted designer pieces, carefully curated by Napoleon, the dapperest nice guy you’ll ever meet.

E. Tittlemouse & Co. 2

Love the jean selection display.


Fell in love with these boots!


Jewelry by local designers, like Sewbie’s very own NUDA!

Chiefvintage housewares

Visit our friends over at E. Tittlemouse & Co. and tell ’em Sewbie said hi!

246 Bay St. Jersey City, NJ 07302



This pretty much sums up my moods as of late, presented neatly in a four cell grid. Mixed thoughts and emotions are all over the place. Totally not intentional when I took these, it’s kind of crazy how things manifest themselves and are realized in hindsight. I guess you really can’t hide your true feelings.

Photo BoothIf you’ve ever been to an event with a photo booth, you’ll know that most photo booth vendors kinda suck – bad lighting, cheesy backgrounds, corny props, etc. The Bosco is, by far, my favorite. Flattering lighting and simple white. They even turn your four images into a GIF:ย Super fun!