Obsession: Lisa Frank

This fixation of all things old school are coming at me full force these past couple months. So bear with me. As a kid, I was so head over the heels in love with stickers and Lisa Frank was like the Holy Grail of stickerdom. I know I’m late on this since Urban Outfitters jumped on the resale of Lisa Frank last summer but I can’t help but feel colorful butterflies knowing this childhood joy is a source of inspiration for plenty of looks out right now – from bright hues to bold graphics to rainbow cheetah print to food and cat icons. I mean, if you were a kid during the 80’s and 90’s, how could you NOT be inspired by the outrageously fun stationary supplies? I give it up to you Ms. Lisa Frank, you were ahead of the game over 20 years ago.

Lisa Frank fashionurl-6Lisa Frank foodLisa Frank eye makeupTupac_and_Lisa_FrankLisa FrankLisa Frank jacketLisa Frank nails6672850258Lisa Frank Tiger ShirtLisa Frank foodLisa Frank sweatshirt


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