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A Vintage Wonderland

vintage closet

Every now and then I like to imagine what my dream walk-in closet would look like. More often than not, it contains a vision that mixes modern functionality with vintage aesthetic. Here’s the first of many images I’ll be collecting for my closet inspiration board.

via Adored Vintage.


Happy 41st B.I.G.

Biggie Onesie

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NEW IN: Clo Bow Ties!

After much love for Clo Hair Bows, the requests for bow ties came pouring in. And because Chloe is such a wonderful perfectionist of a craftswoman, she went through trial run after trial until getting them just right. What I love about Clo is that each one is painstakingly made with love – and I know firsthand, that she wouldn’t sell something she didn’t think was up to par. Here’s her first drop of bow ties now available on…with more releasing in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned!

bowtie_denimfloral bowtie_flowerconfetti bowtie_ginghamstyle bowtie_marvel2 bowtie_springlove bowtie_thehamptons

NEW STUFF: Knit Nautical Knot Headband

My boyfriend – a sailor – once explained to me the significance of various knots and their nautical purpose. Interesting stuff considering all I know about ropes is that they’ve been all over the accessories scene, namely in necklaces and bags. Rachel’s Knit Knacks steps it up a notch and makes having knots in your hair a good thing.

Knit Nautical Knot Headband

They come in an array of colors and she can even custom create one in any color you prefer.

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Inside Out Project: NYC

About a week and a half ago, I participated in the Inside Out Project in NYC. The Inside Out Project is a global participatory art project that was started by French artist JR. Everywhere from Ecuador to Japan, participants are given the opportunity to get their portrait taken and have it posted in a public space – in our case, right smack dab in the middle of the streets of Times Square.

Inside Out Project NYC

Here’s the truck with the photo booth in the back. This was taken early morning before they opened up so you don’t get a sense of the 2 hour line that was typically there.


The whole idea behind the project is to allow people to share their stories and display personal identity as a work of art. Such a beautiful and powerful sentiment, I was so excited to be apart of it. Thanks to Chloe for inviting me to come with! It was fascinating to see the different ways New Yorkers expressed themselves.


So what did I do? I decided to take advantage of the fact this was in Times Square – advertising capital of the world – and market the one thing that has identified me as of late, something I truly believe in and its message.