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Gone Fishnet

The fabric gets a bad rap but when done carefully, I’ve always believed fishnet could look super stylish. If used as a layering piece, it could bring a twist to an outfit screaming for some fun detail. As temperatures rise, I’m finding more and more inspiration to pull off a look that says catwalk and not streetwalk.

SaraluxeFishnet-top-camo-by-STYLEDUMONDEFishnets_04_by_betrayed_heart5d8c452f6e108d0acfc8d20c0a248c53fishnet nailsIMG_32212012-06-22 14.08.20

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Experiment: Wavy Hair Faux Hawk

Since I’m too chicken shit to actually shave the sides of my head (and because I love the natural thickness of my hair), I was determined to find a good tutorial on how to create a faux hawk with long, wavy, thick hair. After several failed attempts, I finally managed to pull of a decent hawk. Still needs work though, along with some smoothing serum and a bit more height. I want it to be LARGER THAN LIFE. What can I say? I’m a true Jersey girl. Because the bigger the hair, the closer to God.

Faux Hawk

Here’s the tutorial I used. It’s in Japanese so I don’t know what she’s saying but it’s so thorough that it doesn’t even matter.

Tough Sugar

I love unexpected pairings. You know – cat and dog BFFs, sweats and heels, chocolate with bacon…and now rugged prints in a dainty bow.

Digi Camo Clo BowBandana Rockabilly Clo Bow

Brought to you by Clo Hair Bows.

Say word: Great women.

In honor of Women’s History Month, a salute to women doing great things, everyday…

Eleanor Roosevelt Quote


I’ve been going back and forth in my brain about getting a new tattoo but the where and what prevents me from actually doing it. I just don’t know what I can stand long enough to have it on my body forever. Then I stumbled upon this, and I absolutely love it. It’s like an airbrushed colorful soft wisp…like someone took a box of rainbow chalk dust and blew it on this girl’s back. I’m just not sure if it would like this on me. Instead of beautifully colored dust a fairy would leave behind, it’d probably look like my nephew drew all over me with non-washable sharpies. Whatever. I’m getting it.


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