Iridescent Hologram

I’m obsessed with iridescence lately. It’s like I’m 7 yrs old again collecting stickers and hoping to find the shiny, holographic ones that change color when held at different angles. The effect still gives off feelings of happy that one color just can’t do on its own. I recently purchased an iridescent oversized clutch at H&M that would go well with an all black or all white outfit. Other than that, the hunt for more shiny, light-reflecting reminders of pretty little phenoms like bubbles, butterfly wings, and seashells continues.

Blumarine at Milan Fashion Week Fall Winter 2012 Collectionsiridescent-clutchiridescent skirtiridescent iridescent nailsiridescent fashionclose-up soap bubblesSomewhere-Nowewhere_Irridescent-Clutch-Square_Bengt-Fashionholographic skirtAnthracite coalhologram ringsthe-iridescent-clutch-of-comme-des-garcons



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