Side Dish

Currently obsessed with using dishes – plates, bowls, teacups – to stash and elegantly display jewelry. I wrote this post about using a card catalog for other organizational purposes and this new obsession is kind of in the same realm of upcycling. It’s kind of nice to give a new life to something beloved like a vintage heirloom plate passed down from your grandmother. I swear my future home will be filled with beautiful pieces that are multi-functional. Some inspiration:

Gold & Black DishJewelry dishcups-saucer_2jewels_tea_pollywreford1 6a0167600d17d7970b0167671c43e4970b-800wi 8073924971_91ca06bb69_zCloset4jewelry-tray

via Sweet and Sassy/She is Red/Paige Smith Designs/Sarah Kaye Representation/a pair and a spare/paper crowns/Live Creating Yourself/LadyWe/

And my own take on it – snagged this half dipped plate in the sale section of Anthropologie and immediately adorned it with my favorite jewelry from you guessed it… I love the contrast of edgy metals on the backdrop of dainty pretty. Jewelry by Hello Again Vintage, Nuda, and Sewsephine.

vintage jewelry plate dish


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