Monthly Archives: December 2012 Holiday Wishlist

Ever since we launched beta back in the summer, I scour the site every single day. You know, looking for things we need to fix, improve, add on… and…well…also for THINGS I WANT TO BUY. Here are my current must-haves, just in time for the season of giving.

Sewbie Holiday Wishlist

1. Rachel’s Knit Knacks Chunky Twisted Knit Turban

2. Hello Again Vintage 1980’s Geometric Arrow Enamel Earrings

3. Alex & Afton Vintage Fur Coat (sold out but similar here)

4. Oriana LaMarca White Clover with Tiger Eye Bracelet

5. Nuda Druzy and Carnelia Metalwork Necklace

6. Carolina Benoit Ivory Studded Collar Blouse (sold out but check out her line here)

7. Clo Hair Bows Chevron – Large

8. Sewsephine Wrapped Up in Studs Bracelet

9. Caviar Noir Princess Necklace with Crystal Heart and Metallic Gray Pearls on Gunmetal Chain

I’ve noticed that everything on my want list this season is in grayscale or neutral colors – black, gray, white, cream, brown. Usually not afraid of color, this is all kind of new to me but I’m loving it.  It makes it easy to create a look that is classic but with still a bit of an edge.


I love sweatshirts.

It was 1992 when my parents bought me my first Champion sweatshirt that was green with the tiny “C” logo at the chest and I’ve been addicted ever since. Not just because they’re obviously the most comfortable things to wear ever, but also because I saw the potential to dress them up when the general consensus thought of them as sloppy. Now they’re everywhere paired with skirts, printed pants, leather, fur, heels, sneakers – you name it. I’m not mad though, it’s nice to see the rest of the world finally catch up (just kidding…ok, not really.) My favorite at the moment is an oversized, boyfriend sweatshirt with something unexpected like daisy dukes or leather and faux fur.

Green SweatshirtSweat and LeatherSweatshirt Dressimgressweatshirt Julesphoto_printed_sweatshirt_9rgfdred lips, sweatshirt, & pleated maxi skirt. effortlessly chicsweatshirt-chicSweatshirtOverSkirt

Oh, Christmas Tree!

So there’s this scene in the movie Untamed Heart where Marisa Tomei wakes up and there’s a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in her room. It’s there because the man who loves her, Christian Slater, set it up for as she slept, after he finds out that she misses real Christmas trees from her childhood. Sigh. It’s one of my favorite Christmasy scenes from a movie.

This particular scene popped up in my head recently after a friend told me he set up a real Christmas tree for an old girlfriend in her room while she was out. I was convinced he got the idea from this movie. He denies it. Whatever, dude. We all know guys with ideas like this don’t exist in real life.

Positivity File

It just happened to be a particularly shitty day when I came across an article that stressed the importance of entrepreneurs keeping a “positivity file”. Intrigued, I continued to read all about how budding business owners should keep tabs of all things positive – milestones successfully reached, recollections of good days, praise from family/friends/colleagues, heartwarming testimonials, etc. – basically, anything that made you feel good, like you were finally doing something right.  And that we need to keep a file of all these happy thoughts, a literal file, whether it be electronic sitting on your desktop for easy access or an actual printed out, color-coded, labeled, letter-sized tabbed folder.

Let’s get real here. Starting a business is not easy. In some weird way it actually mimics life. It’s exciting but scary at the same time. To be fruitful, you’ve got to take risks. There are days where you feel like you’re on top of world. There are other days when you feel like crap. You find out who really is loyal and supportive. Just when you thought you’ve figured something out, you still don’t know shit. You’re constantly learning. You question yourself. You discover what you’re capable of. But most notably, you KEEP ON GOING.

We have amazing supporters. We see you. And we are thankful. So please know that the emails, notes, comments, wall posts, texts, and actual conversations go beyond kind words. They’re permanent channels of encouragement that are revisited again and again and again, virtually on my laptop, physically in my file cabinet, and mentally in my brain. Because I might not remember what I did last weekend, but I never forget the support which reminds me that much like life, we have to just…keep…going.

Inspiration: Carolina Benoit’s sketches designer Carolina Benoit posted this photo on Instagram the other day and it was instant love. Quite some time ago, I admired fashion illustration from afar and this brought back that deep appreciation for it. It underscores the art and beauty behind the facade of fashion that is superficial and one dimensional. As you can see, we’re extremely happy to have Carolina on board. I kinda wanted to keep her all to myself but she’s just too talented to not share. You’ll be hearing lots more about her soon! Promise.

Carolina Benoit