Caviar Noir x 50 Shades x Trunk Show

Caviar Noir has done it again. Julie has created yet another piece women will love. Actually in this particular case, desire might be a better word.  It’s called the Anastasia Steele Necklace. Yup, jewelry inspired by the book series making women everywhere tremble in their reading glasses. Combing the two things chicks can’t get enough of…is like…the perfect match. The necklace incorporates stainless “Steele”, “pearls”, “chains”, and “handcuffs”. Ahem, use your imagination (and perhaps a few visual flashbacks from the book). I’m a big fan of jewelry with a story – but actually based on a story? It really can’t get any better. Oh wait it can. Both versions are now available on!

The Anastasia Stainless Steele Necklace:

Also comes in a gunmetal chain:

And if you’re in the New York/New Jersey area, Caviar Noir will be having a trunk show featuring her new Fall/Winter collection. Come check out her amazing adornments in person – I’ll have a glass of wine with you if you do!


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