Lessons from the last month


1. Positivity is contagious.

2. How to make 5 different paper ninja stars. Thanks to my nephew.

3. Analytics are your best friend: Google Analytics, WordPress stats, Statigr.am statistics, etc. Don’t just read them. Translate them into ways to improve your business.

4. The history of gargoyles in NYC architecture is pretty fascinating.

5. Drop an egg in anything – a portobello cap, half of an avocado, bread with a hole cut out, a muffin pan lined with prosciutto, etc. Bake and it will taste delicious.

6. Same concept above goes for a denim/chambray shirt. Wear it with anything and it will look good.

7. For toned arms, two words: dips & push-ups.

8. I can’t survive very long without a creative outlet of some sort.

9. Same concept above goes for pizza.

10. What a SQL server is. Just kidding. I still have no idea what that really means. (But I’m Googling it RIGHT now, don’t you worry Neil)

Never, ever stop learning.


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