Must-have Monday: Caviar Noir Statement Necklace

Caviar NOIR’s Onyx Pearl/Gold Chains Necklace above. Midnight Blue Pearls/Silver Chains Necklace below.

There’s nothing as fun to wear as a statement necklace. And as Julie from Caviar NOIR says, this one is “the perfect balance between edgy and elegant”. They’re both available now on Hmm…now which color to get?

Oh and I got a little too happy with this site where you can upload a photo to make animated GIFs with a message. It’s pretty limited in what you can do as there are only a few preset phrases you can tack onto an image and I’m sure I can make this myself in Photoshop but it’s kinda nice when the hardest part is deciding which picture to upload.


2 responses to “Must-have Monday: Caviar Noir Statement Necklace

  1. Talk about “Statement” necklaces! Hah. Thanks for trying out TypePop! More words are coming soon. You guys rock.

    • HA! Statement necklaces indeed. Thanks for helping me make it happen! It was a lot of fun. We’ll be sure to check your site soon for more words. And again, love that you found us & reached out. More power to TypePop!

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