Independence Day: Sequins & Stripes

Many times I’ve looked up at a clear night sky and thought that the stars resembled tiny sequins. Thanks to one of our vintagers, Alex & Afton, we’ve managed to kick our 4th of July up a notch and put a little glamour into the traditional stars and stripes.

80’s Ugly Sequin Blouse

Silk Miami Blazer

DECO Sequin Blouse

Fuschia Bettlejuice Blouse

Sexpot Sequin Minidress

Vintage Dior Jacket

Check out Alex & Afton‘s vintage collection on They’re constantly adding new treasures, the kinda stuff we all wish to find in our digging.

Have a fun and safe holiday!


2 responses to “Independence Day: Sequins & Stripes

  1. Wowzers! I LOVE the DECO Sequin Blouse!

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