is LIVE!

Yes. FINALLY. is a retail collection of independent design and vintage fashion. It’s kind of like walking into an off-the-beaten path boutique, your favorite vintage shop, and a really kick ass flea market, except we bring it to you all-in-one, all online.

During a trip to the flea market, I met a jewelry designer who created necklaces fashioned after old pictures of her mother’s outfits from the 60’s era. I walked away from her table with not only a cool piece of jewelry, but also peace of mind that came from supporting someone’s art. It was then that we realized real people with real stories are the most inspiring. These are the masterminds behind the collections made, designed, and/or curated on

We’re starting out with a handful of passionate designers and vintagers who are adding amazing goods daily. Additional sellers are coming on board very soon and our search for more sellers is constant, so keep a lookout for us and if you or anyone you know is interested in growing your fashion brand email us at

Our site is currently in beta, which means the site is still in development and testing but it is fully functional. Features are being worked on and new ones will be added. Feel free to let us know of any changes you’d like to see on the site. Email us at to share your thoughts.

Our last blog post was in February and there hasn’t been another post til today. That was intentional. It pretty much got to the point where we were tired of talking about it and so we set out to be about it. Welcome to


3 responses to “ is LIVE!

  1. Vintage Living Magazine

    Congratulations and good luck!

  2. Congrats! Wishing Sewbie lots of success!

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