Monthly Archives: January 2012


That’s supposed to be a mix of the words “hair” and “inspiration” but in my case it could also be a combo of “hair” and “perspiration”. Because if you’re apart of the 95% population that doesn’t wake up with a Kardashian-esque coif, you know the hard work involved with getting your hair to look the way you want.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side. And that’s what I’ve always thought. As a teen, I struggled with super thick, frizzy, coarse hair that I permed because I wanted kinky spiral curls. After that, I desperately wanted pin straight, wash & go hair so I had Japanese straightening done. Long story short, both processes fried my hair and now pictures prove they were not the best choices at all. Fast-forward to my mid 20’s when I finally figure out that thick, frizzy hair is actually code for natural body and wave, I decide to look for the best way to cut it and find the stylist who’d actually know how to. It took decades of messing with my ‘do to wake up and smell the chemicals – natural is better.

Below is hair inspiration – looks that I try to achieve now that I’ve learned to embrace and love my big ass mane. Rather than counter the “big-ness”, I now look for styles that exaggerate it.  Try it some time for yourself. Enhance what makes you…you. Because they also say you’re born with what you’ve got for a reason. At least someone got that one right.