Is it a sign?

It’s been a weird week. I’m not sure if the stars are aligning and the universe is conspiring to send me some kind of intergalactic message via everyday occurrences but I swear every single day there has been SOMETHING. Let me walk you through.

6 days ago – My podiatrist tweets (yes, I follow my podiatrist on twitter): “The gap between what you have and what you want is #BELIEF. If your mind is aligned with The Universe, what you believe you will achieve.” Now I know Twitter makes everyone profound with their daily motivational quotes but this one actually hit me.

5 days ago – I can’t go into much detail, but let’s just say I encounter the most frustrating situation ever at my 9-5. The ultimate reminder why working for someone else is not for me.

4 days ago – I get an unsolicited random email, better known as spam, about affordable Cobra options. If you don’t know what Cobra is, they’re basically healthcare plans that are usually offered to you after you leave a job.

3 days ago – On my usual commute to work, the 33rd St. Path is awfully packed for a late morning train into the city. Whatever. I’m standing there with my eyes closed (yes, I have mastered the art of half sleeping while standing), I open my eyes and on the TV screen the word scramble of the day is: FOCUS.

2 days ago – One of my fave bloggers wrote about ideas being worthless without execution. Everyone has ideas, but not just anyone can carry them out and keep on keepin’ on.

Finally, yesterday I walk by the usual newsstand on 14th street right before the subway station when the latest issue of Entrepreneur magazine catches my eye:

Of course I bought it.

They say “everything happens for a reason” but I was never a big believer. I always thought that maybe some things happen because they just do and not everything has to have a driving force behind it. BUT – 2011 changed my way of thinking. Quite a bit has happened this year that’s got me realizing that perhaps there IS a reason for every single thing that happens to you, around you, and to even others in your life. It may not be the reason you think of at first. But some time after the dust has settled, it all becomes clear. That’s kind of what this week has been like. All these “signs” may not mean anything at all. They could be coincidences. I could just be more aware of things around me that could pertain to anyone really. But if this certain situation I’m going through right now is setting me up to be my own boss, I’m getting one hell of a lesson.


2 responses to “Is it a sign?

  1. even if they’re coincidences, it’s still good to keep them in mind like you are doing. it’ll all makes sense one day πŸ˜‰

    • thanks abi! i sure hope so. thanks for reading. your writings really changed my perspective on a few things. something quite personal too. maybe i’ll email it to you one day.

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