Special thanks…to our friends.

In the wake of recent events, namely, protests against corporate greed (Occupy Wall Street) and vigorous labor disputes (NBA lockout), a friend lovingly reminded me why Sewbie is so great (or will be) – because we are creating opportunities. I recently read two articles that are completely unrelated and yet both make valid points on why small businesses have suffered as a result of both events. And while those involved in each movement are justified in their own right, we’re taking another approach to sticking it to the man and instead providing a platform for people who want to take their creative endeavors and, quite possibly, steer the course of their own lives. Yes, I’ve always been a firm believer in drawing something positive out of the negative and void.

When Steve Jobs passed away, my Facebook newsfeed was filled with pictures, articles, and RIP’s except for one status update. It said something to the effect of “Why do you people care so much about the death of someone you’ve never met, who was the CEO of a major corporation that has made so much money off of you?” Not word-for-word but that was the gist. But if you know Jobs’ story and what he preached, then you’ll know that he was revered not just because of the iPod, but because he believed in the power of dreams. Comments like that are bothersome because it made me believe people don’t dream anymore. But to my relief, I’ve got friends to remind me that this is not the case. Dreamers are still very much alive.  I’m blessed to be surrounded by a growing number of friends who are taking matters into their own hands and believing in their own abilities through their clothing lines, pharmacies, boutiques, recruitment agencies, accessory and jewelry companies, catering, djing, photography, make-up collections, video editing, barber shops, websites, marketing boutiques, and event planning. There is nothing like collective inspiration. And a killer hustle to boot.

A few weeks ago I received a random email from one of our Sewbie designers, letting me know that we were motivating her to get to her jewelry studio and create. Talk about making my day. Neil and I are entrepreneurs at heart and working with other like-minded people whom are just as determined to get their own businesses out there has been one of the most rewarding things ever. And we’re just getting started.  There isn’t really a point to this post, but I guess while Neil and I are pulling all nighters to get sewbie.com finally launched, it serves as a reminder of what makes all the hard work worth it. We’re quickly nearing the homestretch. Thank you to our friends for the inspiration.


6 responses to “Special thanks…to our friends.

  1. What about starting family dynasties!? lol Love it and love you!! Keep soaring and don’t let anyone pull you down…unless it’s to eat..eating is necessary! lol

  2. You go girl! What an inspirational post – and a testament to how success is achieved and interpreted. So excited for your official launch – you’re gonna rock it!

  3. thanks for the shout haze! you guys are gonna do great! you’re a true inspiration to all those trying to turn their ideas into reality. keep up the great work and i cant wait till the site launches!

  4. I love this post, just because– keep on truckin’ woman!!

  5. Inspiration makes the world go round…
    Sometimes I just want to run away and go on long hiatuses-es from creative work and times when I never even want to look back, because it feels so childish and way to dreamy to possibly continue to “PLAY”. People don’t always understand, sometimes even close loved ones, but the biggest discouragement often comes from within. But it’s people like you who BELIEVE, that make a difference in that moment of decision making to NOT GIVE UP. Thanks for the encouragement. What Sewbie is creating is going to help change the direction in some people’s lives and for the better, simply because it’s cultivating what already is nearest to the heart.You can’t go wrong with that<3

  6. Awesome post, as to be expected! I’m excited for what you’re making happen (can’t wait to see the site and all your hard work!) and excited that you gain so much inspiration from those around you– that’s a trait to envy. You’re doing an amazing job.. let’s set up a date to see each other soon!

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