Freshly (Letter)Pressed

I get this tingly feeling every time I hand someone a business card. Part of it is the satisfaction of promoting the business that I so lovingly believe in. And the other part of it is, I’m just damn proud of the little card. While we were in the process of getting them done, I came across an article about how business cards are a huge representation of your company so you should really have something that you love. Designed by Regina and printed by The Mandate Press, we got just that. In previous posts, I’ve mentioned how we believe that real people with real stories are what make something special. We want to be sure that belief resonates in everything we do, so much that even our cards have a little story.

The logo and icons are based on care symbols that you would typically see on a laundry tag inside an article of clothing. We did this to pay homage to our Sewbie designers who genuinely “care” about their goods. A little cheesy? Maybe. But I thought it was cute. lol. Whatever, it’s meaningful!

Printed on recycled chipboard, for the aesthetics of raw materials and to underline the preservation of our resources.

Even when it came down to printing, we to wanted use a method that supported our beliefs and mission. So we chose letterpress. For those not familiar with letterpress, it’s the method of printing where the text is literally pressed into the material so that it leaves a raised impression that you can feel. It was invented by Gutenberg in 1440, and was basically the start of modern movable type printing. Yet as other printing methods gained popularity due to speed, such as digital and offset, letterpress has, in a way, become somewhat of a lost craft. But the quality is just one of a kind. It’s beautiful and authentic. Just like our Sewbie sellers making and creating their own clothes and accessories. After I learned all this about letterpress, I knew it was something that we had to support.

Thank you card from The Mandate Press (whom you should definitely check out for your printing needs):

Cards fit perfectly in my Tommy Boy Records cigarette case. I don’t smoke but I’m a big lover of 90’s hiphop. Tommy Boy was the record label for various artists such as De La Soul, Apache, Naughty By Nature, and Queen Latifah. What can I say? I am Jersey girl.


2 responses to “Freshly (Letter)Pressed

  1. loveeee the case, love the cards! letterpress is so classic ❤ there's something about that look and feel that i loveeee, so glad the cards look awesome!

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