Friday Faves

Since Friday is everyone’s favorite day of the work week, we’d like to celebrate by sharing our current other favorites that have magically gotten us through these past five days:

Favorite blog post: My dad, the Watchmaker by Wichser Studio

Click on picture or link above to be directed to blog post. Image courtesy of Wichser Studio.

Stories such as Gale’s, of Wichser Studio, is pretty much the epitome of why I wanted to create in the first place. It’s the backbone and inspiration for our site’s brand. Real people with real stories designing beautiful things.  I’m happy and proud to let you know that you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more about Gale & Sewbie very soon. We’re super excited to be working with her. I swear I held back a tear or two when reading her post above. Happy Friday tears of joy, of course.

Favorite article: How a Young Fashion Designer Stands Out in Crowded Market by Entrepreneur Magazine

Click on the picture to be directed to the article on

Handbag designer, Rebecca Minkoff, gives tips to designers who are starting out. The tips are relevant to our sewbie designers but pretty much hold true for anyone wanting to seek out their own business venture. Truth is, I can sit here and read entrepreneurial articles all day. Cuddle up with some green tea and the latest Inc. Magazine or Entrepreneur, and I’m good for a couple hours.

Favorite web site:

Because who doesn’t like videos of baby bears nodding off to sleep? We’re animal lovers here at Sewbie and after a long day at our 9-5’s and long nights working on our 5-9, nothing says de-stress like watching cute ass kittens playing hide and seek. Thanks to cuteroulette we can watch video after video of almost-can’t-stand-it cuteness.

What are some of your faves that get you through the week? Please share – we need it.


One response to “Friday Faves

  1. Thanks so much for this feature and your sweet words about it. I’m really happy my story touched you:) I have no doubt Sewbie will achieve exactly what you want it to, because your inspiration comes from the heart. Goodluck!

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